WINROLLER products are applied in various aspects of the food/beverage industry.

The application of WINROLLER rollers in the industrial field is very extensive, and WINROLLER has also accumulated rich solutions and technical experience. The food industry, as a small branch of the industrial sector, is different from the direction of large industries. The special working conditions and operational requirements determine that WINROLLER must have targeted and directional transmission plans when making them. Against the backdrop of constantly expanding customer base, WINROLLER has also established its own transmission solution library for food grade roller solutions.

So what solutions does WINROLLER offer?

WINROLLER products are applied in various aspects such as food/beverage. Match suitable solutions.

Reliable and cost-effective food mixing and supermarket assembly line scheme.

WINROLLER rollers are suitable for large industrial operations such as large-scale automated roller conveyor lines and express logistics sorting lines. They are also suitable for small scenarios in daily life. Small scenarios require stricter and more detailed performance requirements for rollers, matching different roller schemes for different industries, designing and serving each working condition well, which is WINROLLER's unchanging commitment to every customer.

Relying on years of industry accumulation and talent introduction in transmission equipment, WINROLLER currently has a professional and experienced mechanical design and process research and development team, specializing in roller equipment optimization, research and application of new processes and structures.

WINROLLER Products & Solutions for Food Processing & Beverage Handling for Efficient Automation.

We offer our efficient solutions for

Meat & Poultry

● Seafood

● Cheese & Dairy

● Fruit & Vegetables

● Baked Goods

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
● Confectionary
● Snack Food
● Canned Goods
● Beverage

Products And Solutions


"Spider essence" food grade mixer scheme

Project client: X food company


Roller model: WINROLLER dgbl82 non standard customized electric roller


Number of items: 100


X Mall - supermarket cashier

Project client: X mall


Roller model: dgbl82 belt conveyor electric roller


Number of projects: 800


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