WINROLLER products are applied in various aspects of the food/beverage industry.

X Mall - supermarket cashier

[Project Information]

Project client: X large shopping mall

Drum model: DGBL82 belt conveyor electric roller

Project quantity: 800


Overview of working conditions
Belt conveyor size: 500 (W) * 1200 (L)
Linear speed: 0.2m/s (0.2~0.4m/s speed regulation optional)
Load capacity: 50kg (evenly distributed)


[Winning Card Plan]
A good supermarket cash register assembly line design can improve product circulation, shorten customer checkout time, and enhance customer shopping experience. Shengpai roller takes into account the actual working conditions such as cash flow and checkout speed, and adopts DC small belt conveyor electric roller to control speed and meet load requirements.
I drum type wire drawing on the surface of the drum ensures the operation of the electric roller while correcting deviation.


[Project Summary]
Shengpai rollers are suitable for large industrial operations such as large-scale automated roller conveyor lines and express logistics sorting lines. They are also suitable for small scenarios in daily life. Small scenarios require stricter and more detailed performance requirements for rollers, matching different roller schemes for different industries, designing and serving each working condition well, which is Shengpai's unchanging commitment to every customer.

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