WINROLLER products are used in all aspects of air travel logistics.

The security inspection machine is a common application scenario for rollers. The type of roller used by the security inspection machine depends on factors such as the weight, size, and speed of the transported goods. In the use of large belt conveyor rollers, WINROLLER oil cooled rollers are worth choosing due to their obvious advantage of high torque.

So what solutions does WINROLLER offer?

WINROLLER products are used in all aspects of air travel logistics. From the time your bag is checked until it is reclaimed.

Proven, reliable solutions for

baggage handling and

security checkpoints.

Driven by the increasing demand for air travel and air freight, airport operators need to handle an ever more challenging throughput. The global market for baggage handling solutions alone is expected to grow by 7.5 percent annually until 2021.

Hence, air traffic is also one of the most important growth areas of intralogistics. WINROLLER offers numerous proven solutions to answer the needs of airport professionals all over the world: from the time your bag is checked until it is reclaimed, WINROLLER drum motors, rollers, and conveyors are used in the bag handling areas of countless airports on all continents. Over 80% of all checkpoint scanner conveyors worldwide are powered by WINROLLER drive and control solutions. 

WINROLLER offers several proven, high-quality solutions for the handling of bags at airports all over the world.

We Offer Conveyor Solutions For...

● Check-in Desks
● Security Checkpoint
● Baggage Handling
● Bag Loading

Suitable Products for


● Drum Motors
● RollerDrive & MultiControl
● Rollers
● Modular Conveyor Platform
● Belt Curves
● Spiral Lifts

Products And Solutions


Project Information

Project client: XX Airport Security Check Machine


Drum model: DM113 oil cooled electric roller


Project quantity: 2000


Overview of working conditions

Channel size: 1023mm (W) × 802mm (H)


Linear speed: 0.2m/s (0.2~0.4m/s speed regulation optional)


Load capacity: 300kg (evenly distributed)



WINROLLER has chosen a heavy-duty oil cooled


electric roller in its solution, which has high torque,


stable operation, and adjustable speed.


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