WINROLLER rollers contribute to the development of new energy production lines.

The new energy industry in China has experienced rapid development in recent years and is moving from its infancy to its growth stage. The characteristics of the rapidly developing industry have also put forward new requirements for the efficiency of new energy production lines. The application of new energy conveying rollers on new energy production lines has increased the speed and horsepower of the production line. From feeding, production, packaging to logistics outbound, WINROLLER rollers have all contributed to the new energy production line. With the continuous development of the new energy industry, WINROLLER rollers will closely follow the transportation needs of the industry and customers, update and iterate in products, strive for excellence in performance, synchronize and even advance industry production line requirements, speak with products, and provide technical services!

So what solutions does WINROLLER offer?

WINROLLER products are applied in the fields of express delivery and logistics. Provide professional solutions.

Improving industrial efficiency in the field of new energy

The production of photovoltaic modules mainly refers to the process of assembling solar cells and other raw materials into photovoltaic modules. The equipment used in the assembly process includes: battery string laying machine, battery string welding machine, EVA automatic cutting and punching machine, busbar automatic welding machine, automatic photovoltaic module laminating machine, etc. In this series of photovoltaic module production, the presence of transmission equipment is indispensable everywhere, and its quality will also be repeatedly tested.

As a one-stop efficient transmission solution supplier, Annai conveyor belt fully understands the special needs of conveyor belts in various stages of photovoltaic module production. For photovoltaic module production lines, WINROllER selects imported A+raw materials, innovates the process, and launches a series of specialized transmission equipment for photovoltaic production lines. We promise to maintain the same "safety and durability" quality as before, providing comprehensive solutions such as full section transmission products and customized services.

Solutions for Conveying, Sorting, Storage and Order Picking from ONE SINGLE SOURCE

Products And Solutions


X Company - New Energy Battery PACK Conveyor Line

[Project Information]


Project client: X New Energy Company


Drum model: WINROLLER alloy multi wedge belt electric roller


Project quantity: 5000


X Solar Energy Company - Photovoltaic Module Stacking Machine Solution

[Project Information]


Project client: X Solar Energy Company


Drum model: WINROLLER DGAC60 AC electric roller


Project quantity: 8000


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