Material Handling Solutions For Automotive & Tire

De artificial, energy-saving, intelligent warehousing is a new way to improve the efficiency of enterprise warehousing, and it is also a general trend. While WINROLLER roller is actively supporting the intelligent warehousing, it is also necessary to constantly meet the new requirements, new changes and new ideas of warehousing, and provide power support for warehousing from the perspective of transmission.

So what solutions does WINROLLER offer?

WINROLLER products are applied in various aspects such as automobile tires. Match suitable solutions.

WINROLLER and Automotive

Cars and buses provide mobility for all, while trucks deliver the goods and services we need. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, 98 million vehicles were produced in 2018. Europe alone has more than 300 automotive assembly and production plants and 90 tire facilities. Such large volumes require a dedicated material handling offering.

Most of today’s manufacturing is semi-automated and a large portion of vehicle assembly is performed with the assistance of industrial robots.
Human operators work in conjunction with heavy machinery to assemble the vehicles. If we take a closer look at a car engine assembly line, for instance, there is a high potential for automation.

WINROLLER offers multiple solutions to perfect the flow of materials within an automotive plant.

Products And Solutions 


Project Information

Project client:X Automobile Company


Drum model:WINROLLER DGBL76 tray conveying electric roller


Project Quantity:1000



① Adopting DGBL76-300W high torque motor, the outer pipe wall thickness is 3.0mm, and the cylinder material is carbon steel galvanized/stainless steel 304, which can be selected to improve the load capacity;


② Adopting a voltage of 48V;


③ Adopting a high-power D-type controller, effectively controlling acceleration and deceleration time, electronic braking, and supporting 485 communication.


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