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Project Information

[Project Information]
Project client | X Automobile Company
Drum model | Shengpai DGBL76 tray conveying electric roller
Project Quantity | 1000


Overview of working conditions
S2 intermittent working system; The linear speed requirement is 17M/MIN; Steel pallets, one electric roller needs to drive 10 power rollers; The load-bearing requirement is 2 tons; The installation space is compact and limited.

Technical difficulties
>High load-bearing requirements;
>The homework needs to be started slowly;
>Dual mode electronic/mechanical brakes are optional;
>The installation space is compact, and traditional external motors cannot meet the requirements.

[Winning Card Plan]
Considering the actual working conditions such as bearing capacity, operating rhythm, and installation conditions of the transported products, Shengpai has designed a comprehensive transmission scheme with high load, flexible operation, and convenient installation.
① Adopting DGBL76-300W high torque motor, the outer pipe wall thickness is 3.0mm, and the cylinder material is carbon steel galvanized/stainless steel 304, which can be selected to improve the load capacity


② Adopting a voltage of 48V;
The on-site working conditions require a reduction in the number of switching power supplies. Therefore, under the same torque, Shengpai Electric Roller adopts a voltage of 48V and a rated current value twice that of 24V, achieving the goal of reducing the number of switching power supplies.
③ Adopting a high-power D-type controller, effectively controlling acceleration and deceleration time, electronic braking, and supporting 485 communication.

[Project Summary]
Deartificial and energy-saving, intelligent warehousing and storage is a new way and trend to improve the efficiency of enterprise warehousing. While Shengpai rollers actively provide supporting facilities for intelligent warehousing and storage, they must constantly adapt to new requirements, changes, and ideas of warehousing and storage, and provide power support for warehousing and storage from the perspective of transmission.

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