WINROLLER products are applied in various aspects of the food/beverage industry.

"Spider essence" food grade mixer scheme

[Project Information]

Project client: X Food Company

Drum model: Shengpai DGBL82 non-standard customized electric roller

Project quantity: 100


Overview of working conditions
S2 intermittent working system, line speed of 37M/MIN, stirring and fermenting barley, the roller must meet food grade requirements and have protection level.


Technical difficulties
>Fixation of mixing column and roller surface
>Food grade requires all stainless steel cylinder materials, with a protection level of IP65
>The torque of the electric roller should be able to meet the requirements of the working conditions

[Winning Card Plan]
Considering the actual working conditions such as mixing products and operating rhythm, Shengpai has tailored non-standard roller solutions for customers.
The I cylinder surface is positioned at 72 positions through a CNC 4-axis machining center, with positioning fixtures, welding nuts, and locking the steel bars and nuts.


Considering the requirements for food grade rollers, Shengpai will use 304 stainless steel material for the outer pipes, covers, shafts, nuts, and steel bars exposed to the environment. In addition, the end face of the cover and the outlet end will be strongly sealed.


Case Summary

The application of Shengpai rollers in the industrial field is very extensive, and Shengpai has also accumulated rich solutions and technical experience. The food industry, as a small branch of the industrial sector, is different from the direction of large industries. The special working conditions and operational requirements determine that Shengpai must have targeted and directional transmission plans when making them. Against the backdrop of constantly expanding customer base, Shengpai has also established its own transmission solution library for food grade roller solutions.

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