WINROLLER rollers contribute to the development of new energy production lines.

The 2020 Shanghai China International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition has ended successfully!

The annual Asia-Pacific industrial event 2020 Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Asia Logistics Exhibition) successfully concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 6, 2020. The start of 2020 is a challenge to the entire industry, but the growth in demand for special scenarios spawned by the epidemic has made the logistics industry usher in a new spring by coincidence. At the same time, the ever-increasing user scale and distribution demand also make technological upgrading imminent. In this context, the Asia Logistics Exhibition, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary, further deepened the core theme of "smart logistics" and continued to promote logistics companies to deepen their digital transformation. The exhibition invited more party A and industry experts to come on stage to discuss hot topics such as future world logistics, fresh food, smart manufacturing, home logistics, and automobile and parts logistics. There are also wonderful sessions such as master dialogues and brainstorming to join it.


Wonderful review of LET hot scene


The Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering and Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. jointly organized excellent conferences such as the "Smart Logistics Development Forum" Thousands of People Conference and the International Conference on the Whole Logistics Industry. , Has written a pragmatic and precise chapter of industry development.


This year's logistics exhibition attracted the industry's giant companies to participate. Among them, Shengpai Technology, as the leader of advanced transmission technology, will certainly not miss this grand exhibition. Shengpai Technology focuses on the research of motion control and integration of miniature electric rollers. Products are widely used in food processing, printing processing, pharmaceutical production, electronic assembly production lines, airport and station security inspection services, logistics and postal express transportation and logistics sorting, robotic work equipment and other industries.


This time, Shengpai Technology brought many new products to the exhibition, which attracted the attention of many audiences. The sound of exclamation and praise lingered in the ears. At the same time, more commercial cooperation has been reached.


At the logistics exhibition in 2021, Shengpai Technology is looking forward to your visit!