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Introduction of electric drum classification

Introduction of electric drum classification

There are currently four basic methods for the classification of electric drums. That is to say, according to the cooling method of the motor, the type of transmission structure of the reducer, the basic working environment characteristics of the electric drum and the method of placing the motor inside and outside the drum to classify the electric drum.

According to the different cooling methods of the motor, the electric drum can be divided into three categories

Air-cooled electric drum

The characteristic of this kind of electric drum is that the motor does not need to be cooled by oil, and it can be divided into forced air cooling and natural air cooling by conduction, radiation and convection of wind.

oil-cooled electric drum

This kind of electric drum is also called an indirect oil-cooled electric drum. There is a certain amount of cooling oil in the electric drum. Because the drum body rotates continuously, the oil scraper on the drum body continuously pours the oil onto the motor and gear, taking away the heat generated by the motor and gear when it is working, and reducing the heat. It is transmitted to the wall of the roller body to accelerate the heat dissipation of the motor and lubricate the gears. The key to oil-cooled electric drums is that no oil is allowed to enter the motor.

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