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Tobacco fire rolling shutter door scheme

[Project Information]

Project client | X Tobacco Company

Drum model | Shengpai DGBL60 non-standard customized electric roller

Project Quantity | 500


Overview of working conditions

S2 intermittent working system, linear speed of 9M/MIN, roller shutter weight of 20KG, must maintain braking in power off state.


Technical difficulties
>Surface fixation of roller blinds and electric rollers
>The electric roller needs to be in a locked state when the power is off
>The torque of the electric roller needs to meet the working conditions

[Winning Card Plan]
Considering the actual working conditions such as the self weight bearing capacity and operating rhythm of the roller shutter door, Shengpai tailors it to customers, adopts customized drum design, and selects a stable and suitable comprehensive transmission scheme.
① Adopting DGBL60-100W high torque motor, the outer wall thickness of the roller tube is 2.5, and the cylinder body can be made of carbon steel galvanized/stainless steel 304 material to improve load-bearing capacity.


② The outer tube of the 1800mm roller cylinder is uniformly perforated to match the direction of rotation during the operation of the rolling shutter.


③ Electric roller with 3-level deceleration and mechanical brake ensure stable roller shutter status in power-off state.

[Project Summary]
The customer's working conditions are fixed and unchanging, but the transmission scheme can be flexible and dynamic. This requires the Shengpai solution designer to fully understand the customer's needs and the characteristics of Shengpai roller products, and make reasonable and effective customized solutions to meet the customer's conveying power needs.

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