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A high-speed box conveyor sorting line of a pharmaceutical company

[Project Information]

Project client: A certain pharmaceutical company

Drum model: Shengpai direct drive O-belt servo electric roller

Special electric roller for Shengpai direct drive high-pressure servo belt conveyor

Shengpai direct drive swing wheel electric roller

Project quantity: 1000


Overview of working conditions
S1 continuous working system, sorting efficiency requirement of 5300 pieces/hour, line speed requirement of 90M/MIN-120M/MIN, and carrying capacity requirement of 30KG.


Technical difficulties
>The conventional gear reduction structure cannot meet the operating conditions of high flow rate, high speed, and long time
>High precision requirements for high-speed operation start stop
>Rapid response speed for frequent start stop at high speeds
>The temperature rise effect of high-speed running electric drum

[Winning Card Plan]
Considering the actual working conditions of frequent start stop, precise positioning, temperature, and high speed, Shengpai has repeatedly considered the plan and designed a comprehensive transmission plan that is stable, accurate, high-speed, large flow, and high load-bearing.
① Adopting direct drive servo structure electric roller
High speed operation can reach 150M/MIN while meeting torque requirements
Iterative gearbox grease structure - oil-free gearbox, solving temperature rise problem
The servo structure can meet the requirements of response time and stopping accuracy
② The controller end adopts a new multifunctional VECTOER-S100 DC variable frequency electric roller controller
Using VECTOR-S100 servo braking mode, the braking distance is within 10mm and under the drive of a sine wave, the starting torque is high, resulting in faster starting acceleration. High response time when paired with servo electric rollers.
③ Adopting high torque current control
High torque current control, corresponding to low input current, reduces motor iron loss, electric roller operation tends to be silent, and the starting brake is softer.


Project Summary
In addition to roller products, Shengpai also provides customers with professional and accurate transmission technology solutions, continuously tapping into technical energy, introducing new technological concepts, truly and deeply understanding the actual working conditions of customers, matching suitable transmission solutions, and continuously providing transmission value to customers.

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