WINROLLER products are applied in various aspects of warehousing/distribution.

Adidas sorting line in a certain area

[Project Information]
Project client | Adidas
Roller model | Shengpai box conveyor multi wedge belt electric roller, Shengpai lifting and transplanting cam electric roller
Project quantity | 1500

Overview of working conditions
Running 24 hours without interruption, working in 2 shifts, with 20000 items shipped per shift. The sorting time for a single item of goods is only 2 seconds.


Technical difficulties
>Frequent start stop
>Accurate positioning
>A New Combination Application of Cam Electric Roller with VECTOR-S100 Driver

[Winning Card Plan]
Considering the actual working conditions of frequent start stop and precise positioning, Shengpai has repeatedly considered the plan and designed a comprehensive transmission plan that is stable, accurate, and cost-effective.
① The controller end adopts Shengpai's new multifunctional VECTOER-S100 DC variable frequency electric roller controller.


Using VECTOR-S100 servo braking mode, the braking distance is within 10mm and under the drive of a sine wave, the starting torque is high, resulting in faster starting acceleration.
② Adopting greater torque current control.
Greater torque current control results in lower input current, reduced motor iron loss, quieter operation of the electric roller, and softer starting and braking.
③ Jacking and load shifting cam application.
VECTOR-S100, in conjunction with DGBL50-80W high torque cam electric roller, achieves precise control, fast response speed, and high torque retention.


Project Summary
In addition to roller products, Shengpai also provides customers with professional and accurate transmission technology solutions, continuously tapping into technical energy, introducing new technological concepts, truly and deeply understanding the actual working conditions of customers, matching suitable transmission solutions, and continuously providing transmission value to customers.


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