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X Express Company - Express Expansion Belt Machine Plan

[Project Information]
Project client: X Express Company
Drum model: DM165 oil cooled electric roller
Project quantity: 2000


Overview of working conditions
Belt conveyor length: 15m
Linear speed: 0.2m/s


[Winning Card Plan]
Considering the long length, high linear speed requirements, and high load-bearing requirements of the belt conveyor, Shengpai has chosen a specialized electric roller with a diameter of 165 for the oil cooled belt conveyor in the plan to meet the requirements of long-distance and high torque working conditions.
I drum type wire drawing on the surface of the cylinder ensures the operation of the electric roller while correcting deviation.


[Project Summary]
The operation mode of belt conveyors varies under different working conditions. Large logistics conveyor belts have strict requirements for torque and speed, especially for long-distance belt transportation. In terms of scheme selection, Shengpai has multiple different schemes for customers to choose from. Shengpai's task is to assist customers in selecting several cost-effective schemes and making appropriate scheme decisions.

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