436 million parcels are delivered every day worldwide. This in consequence means that approximately 5.000 parcels are delivered every second. Not only that, the CEP industry is expected to grow at rates of around 11% until 2026.

X Express Company - Express Linear Narrow Belt Sorter Scheme

[Project Information]

Project client: X Express Company

Drum model: Shengpai DGDD67 narrow belt sorting machine electric roller

Project quantity: 3000


Overview of working conditions
>Working system: S2-25%
>Sorting speed: 1.5m/s-2.5m/s
>Sorted cargo weight: 50g~50kg
>Equipment thickness: 800mm
>Car intercept: 254mm
>Sorted goods size range: small to 100L * 100W * 5H, large to 600L * 350W * 350H

[Winning Card Plan]
Considering the actual working conditions of the continuous working system, large weight span of goods, and large size range span of narrowband sorting machines, Shengpai adopts a customized slotting roller scheme, combined with servo motors, to ensure the stability and accuracy of the entire roller scheme.
I Design guide groove to prevent deviation


II adopts a permanent magnet servo motor structure, with high-precision control and fast response; Adjustable acceleration and deceleration; Smooth loading and unloading of packages
III supports 485/infrared communication


[Project Summary]

Sorting machines are mechanical equipment with a high usage rate of rollers. The application of Shengpai rollers in the field of sorting machines has entered a relatively mature stage, and different sorting machines have different roller schemes to match. It is commendable in improving sorting efficiency, enhancing sorting stability and other important sorting work indicators.

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