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X Packaging Company's Small Belt Conveyor Plan

[Project Information]

Project client: X Packaging Company

Drum model: Shengpai DGBL60 belt conveyor electric roller

Project quantity: 1000


Overview of working conditions
S2 intermittent working system, linear speed of 16M/MIN, belt conveyor length of 1.5 meters (center distance from electric roller to unpowered roller), conveying unit carrying capacity of 10KG.


Technical difficulties
>The torque requirement for the electric roller of the belt conveyor is high
>High requirements for roller rigidity
>Belt deviation issue

[Winning Card Plan]
Considering the actual needs of the belt packaging machine, Shengpai has chosen a comprehensive transmission scheme with high torque and high friction in the scheme.
The drum drawing process is carried out on the surface of the first cylinder to ensure the smooth operation of the electric drum while correcting deviation.


Considering the working condition of the belt conveyor, an outer tube with a diameter of 60mm and a wall thickness of 2.0mm is used. At the same time, the output shaft of the roller is fixed in a flat position, and the output shaft is thickened from the 12mm diameter of the conventional roller track to 15mm.

Case Summary
Although belt conveyors are common conveying equipment, they need to be matched with different roller schemes for different working conditions, which cannot be generalized. Shengpai has over a hundred belt conveyor customers, and different belt conveyor customers have different roller solutions, one machine, one party, and one customer, one case.

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