WINROLLER rollers contribute to the development of new energy production lines.

Preparation work before using the electric drum

When the electric roller is officially used, it is necessary to make preparations first, so as to ensure that the equipment is used in a relatively stable state when it is used, and if it is found after the inspection work is done Some problems can also be discovered in time during use.

First of all, when the equipment is in use, it is necessary to determine the model to be used. When making a selection, the speed during operation must be satisfied, and the output torque that appears during use is also certain. What is required is that when the equipment is in use, the power is different and needs to be adjusted, because some drums will be larger and some will be smaller, so that the electric drum is in use. The appropriate size can be selected according to the actual use requirements.

In addition, the equipment should be checked before use to ensure that the equipment is in a stable state when it is used. It is necessary to check that the amount of oil in the equipment should be more than half of the quantity. It is more appropriate for the surrounding environment to be used between 0-40 degrees Celsius, and it is necessary to check whether the coupling is damaged or not when using it.

The above is the preparation work that the electric drum needs to do when it is used, because the equipment needs to be in a stable state when it is used, so it can be seen at this time that the preparation work is actually very important.