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Don’t worry belt running deviation, with this easy solution!



The small belt machine has the characteristics of compact structure, easy operation and high reliability, and is widely used in food, commercial and other fields. In the actual transmission and transportation process, the belt machine is very easy to have the problem of belt deviation, the root cause is the uneven tension resulting in side thrust, resulting in the material scattered in the transportation process, reducing the transportation efficiency, and even causing damage to the whole machine parts, belt breakage and other consequences. In response to this problem, WINROLLER put forward the importance of crowned roller in belt deviation prevention, in this case, WINROLLER adopted a new type of wire drawing surface crowned roller, using its shape characteristics, to achieve automatic correction of conveyor belt, for the normal and efficient operation of the belt machine escort.


Project client: a packaging company
Drum model: WINROLLER DGBL60 belt motorized roller
Number of items: 1000


S2 intermittent working system, line speed 0~24 m/min, belt conveyor center distance from the length of 1.5 m, conveyor unit carrying 0~80 kg.


According to the actual needs of the belt packaging machine, WINROLLER chooses a comprehensive transmission scheme with high torque and high friction in the scheme.

In this case, the crowned drawing process surface is used to ensure the smooth operation of the motorized roller while correcting the deviation.

 The use of 60mm diameter, 2.0mm shell thickness of the outer tube can provide enough strength to withstand the working load of the belt conveyor. In addition, selecting the flat position to fix the shaft can effectively improve the fixing effect and ensure the stability of the roller.


The belt conveyor operates with the help of friction between the conveyor belt and the roller, so there must be enough friction to transfer traction to the conveyor belt, thereby preventing skid. WINROLLER adopts the crowned drawing process, which not only increases the friction force, but also the roller structure can realize the automatic correction of the conveyor belt, and still ensure the stability of the belt conveyor under the condition of high-speed operation.