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Super loading Intelligent control

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Super loading   Intelligent control


WINROLLER-DGBL76 pallet motor drive roller, internal integration of durable multi-stage planetary gear, compact structure, good sealing, can improve the load capacity of the roller with large torque in the handling of heavy duty , to ensure the stability of the line body.

Equipped with high-performance AC asynchronous or DC brushless motors, excellent performance to repeated start and stop, acceleration and deceleration, speed regulation, and maintain higher efficiency.

DGBL76 High Torque>>

DGBL76 can be selected according to the weight of different power, up to 300W, heavy duty up to 3 tons. It is widely used in medium and heavy conveying systems.

We have improved the DGBL76 pallet roller controller, and the new product can control 200W~300W motorized rollers. In addition to maintaining the consistent stable and reliable operation and excellent drive performance, this type D controller has been upgraded and iterated in terms of intelligence and human-computer interaction, making the installation and control more simple and beautiful.

New Type D controller>>

The DGBL-D controller inherits most of the functions of the previous generation DGBL-B, such as: acceleration and deceleration adjustment, EBS braking function, LED status indication, automatic error recovery, error signal output and other core functions. At the same time, a small iteration of the original function is carried out, which can be compatible with NPN and PNP.

Compared with Type B controller, Type D controller has been innovated in many aspects:

These updates and iterations can bring smarter solutions and easier use experiences to users.


More speed regulation modes>>

By remotely switching the speed through the program, the speed can be reduced in advance, reducing the inertia of the object to stop, so that the tray stop is more stable and the position is more accurate;


Chip algorithm Overcurrent/Overvoltage protection>>

Replace the traditional fuse blown protection, reduce downtime, improve overall efficiency;


485 Communication>>

485 communication can meet the requirements of data control and long-distance transmission, data signal using differential transmission mode, can effectively solve the problem of common mode interference, in complex conditions to provide safe and reliable intelligent data transmission.


WINROLLER-DGBL76 pallet motor drive roller, used in cargo handling, automatic handling system, suitable for efficient transportation of various logistics business, for users to solve the big problem of loading, so that heavy logistics transportation becomes simple and convenient.

We change with our heart and work with you to open a new era of logistics. With intelligent transmission, intelligent innovation enables the innovation and development of precision logistics, and accelerates the automation process of China's manufacturing industry.