WINROLLER rollers contribute to the development of new energy production lines.

A new generation of logistics sorting solutions-DGDD series

Infrared communication narrow belt direct drive roller

The use of infrared can identify the logistics package in the state of high-speed motion, and then automatically transported to the designated location to complete the sorting, millisecond level communication, sorting accuracy of more than 99.99%.

National utility model patent, an electric roller infrared drive control mode, which is driven by infrared induction, that is, after the roller driver receives the infrared signal, it sends a start and stop signal to the roller. In simple terms, the roller pointed by the infrared ray will turn.

In the field of product design has independent development capabilities, the company currently has more than 20 patents, a total of more than 20 scientific and technological achievements transformation, has broken the foreign technology monopoly, has a completely independent design, research and development, mass production and intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

A new generation of logistics sorting solutions

Infrared driven roller, a new generation of logistics sorting solutions. It is used in infrared high-speed narrow belt sorters to provide high-precision operation solutions for logistics, as well as highly intelligent motion planning.

— DGDD —

Compared with the traditional sorting technology, the infrared communication roller has achieved a new breakthrough in precise transmission, remote control and cost control.

The traditional connection drive leak-wave cable is complicated and costly to install in large applications. In the application scenario of short pitch, it is also very easy to receive interference, resulting in product failure, resulting in abnormal loss of logistics packages, resulting in delay in receiving and sending packages.

Infrared communication narrowband machine intelligent logistics system, infrared transmitter plate fixed online body shipment or purchase port, infrared receiver plate fixed online body under a single car, one infrared receiver plate can correspond to multiple transmitter plates, greatly reducing the cost, improve the overall efficiency and reliability.

The sea is wide, the evolution is new, and the new generation of infrared communication direct drive roller makes the logistics sorting step to a new level, effectively reducing electromagnetic interference, reducing equipment operation failure, eliminating the expensive leakage cable, reducing the number of PLC put into use, optimizing the control scheme, making the sorting more efficient, more stable equipment and more accurate operation.

With the rapid increase of logistics business volume in recent years, automated transmission lines require faster speed and higher load. Excellent performance of infrared communication roller, sustainable high torque high-speed transmission, optional 50cm, 67cm and other roller diameters, of which 67cm diameter roller performance is more powerful.

Innovation doesn't stop there

Our innovation is far more than that, we meet the needs of logistics sorting personnel for diverse needs and application scenarios; Starting from the details, we are committed to solving the pain points of one industry after another, and turning unrealized expectations into reality.

From roller research and development to controller independent research and development, Win brand will continue to deepen, constantly increase research and development investment, create more products with core competitiveness, and create greater value for customers' logistics system.